July 15, 2010

I'm sore

I don't want to be hurt anymore! I'm not your hollaback girl! It really really hurts to be ignored do you people know that! What has happened to me for the last six months may be insignificant to some people, or you may label me as sensitive. But honestly, you won't know how painful it is till you've been in my shoes.

True, I'm a protected person, I don't have enough confidence, and I'm not the funniest or prettiest. But I don't deserve to be treated like that by my 'friends'. Being blatantly ignored is, I can only describe it as insanely, fucking appalling. A stronger person might've just said 'fuck it all' and moved on. But who am I?! I'm HELEN! the girl with too much heart, so I keep loving people. I love and love and love but this time I got hurt really bad. I can't take lonliness, I can't fuck it all. I need people to like me I just do.

I don't even know where this is going. I think I'm just trying to write out my heartache. I eavesdropped and found out that the guy i like likes another girl. I guess from the very beginning I already knew liking him would only hurt me but no, i just HAD to fall for him. Eventually I guess, while liking him I came to terms about the whole impossible thing and was actually ok. But

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